Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mosquitos and such

Mosquitos have always been annoying but lately, I wouldn't mind if God would abolish them from the planet. For some reason these little pests have invaded my house here in Nairobi. They are everywhere. I spray Doom and kill the ones I see and it seems that killing one produces two in its place, is that possible? Jeff loaned me a Vape Mat, this little device that releases an invisible insectiside into the air that's supposed to rid one's house of mosquitos but it seems to me, these bugs are invincible. Apparently they have a taste for my ear. At night, they dive bomb my head and swarm my ear. It's like they hold a megaphone to their wings and turn up the volume. Luckily when I turn my fan on high it produces enough air flow to keep them at bay from my head. The joys of living in Africa, huh?

Since moving to Nairobi, I haven't had too many issues with power outages but today is making up for it. I'm not sure what's happening on the compound but the electricity has been going in and out all morning. Surprisingly though it hasn't bothered me too much. God is giving me an extra dose of patience today so I praise Him for that.

It has been such a blessing to live close to Jeff. We live on the same compound, just around the corner from each other, about a two-minute walk between our houses. We only have nine months left in our term and I stand in awe at God's provision by placing me to serve in the same city as one of my best friends. As Jeff and I say, "PTL!" (Praise the Lord).

Blessings to you today.


Tank said...

Thanks goodness I FINALLY got a shout out. BTW, welcome to Africa!

Beth Loggains said...

Maybe you should teach those mosquitoes how to say "Aaaaaaach, Ooooooo, Aaaaaaaarrrr, Eeeennnnn, eeeeeeeee, Teeeeeee, Essssss, H-O-R-N-E-TS, GO!" Then those megaphones would be playing music to your ears.