Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Nieces

It recently occurred to me I haven't posted any photos of my three beautiful nieces at home in Arkansas. Beth was born 27 May 2004 and didn't become a big sister until 17 June 2007 when Kati came along. A few months later my Keilani and John got a big surprise when they found out they were having Holly who came into the world 22 May 2008. I miss my girls but enjoy so much "seeing" them on Skype and talking to them on the phone. Of course, their collection of African surprises grows bigger by the month. They probably have more African stuff than I do! It's so much fun sending them presents and money from all over Africa. So here are a few photos of my girls (a few months old but I hear some updated ones are on the way).

This was taken in October just before I moved to South Africa

Beth Julianna Chandler, 5

Kati Nicole Chandler, 2

Holly Grace Chandler, 1

Beth, Holly & Kati

Kati & Beth

Me & Beth

Me & Kati Boo

Me & Holly