Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just over a week ago, on a Friday night, I started feeling like I was coming down with something. I felt a little flu-ish but nothing too bad and a couple of Tylenol seemed to do the trick. Until the next day. I was experiencing these cycles of cold chills to the point of shaking, high fever, then cold sweats when the fever broke. All the classic signs of Malaria. These cycles would come every few hours. 

Jeff and I were house- and dog-sitting for some friends in Lameru, about 45 minutes outside of Nairobi. My friend Kristen was sure I had Malaria and needed to get tested ASAP. I thought I would be okay until we got back to Nairobi Monday. Sunday changed that idea. The fever cycles were coming more frequently and in between them, I felt awful and I was vomiting by this point.

The place we were staying had a small clinic with a doctor on call so Jeff tracked him down and I met him at the clinic for a Malaria test. A quick prick on the finger and 15 minutes later, a positive test for Malaria. Nairobi really isn't a Malaria area but I had been in West Africa for over two weeks and Malaria is common there. I guess I came back with a little souvenir I didn't want.

The doctor at the clinic went with Jeff into town and go some meds for me and I started them right away. Four tablets every 12 hours. Monday morning we got up and headed back to Nairobi and I couldn't wait to get in my own bed. The fevers continued throughout the day Monday and into the night. Tuesday things were slowly looking up as the meds were really kicking in and I was beginning to feel better. Wednesday was much better with my last dose of meds but I still felt totally exhausted. Thursday I felt up to going grocery shopping but that wiped me out. By the weekend though, I was feeling myself again and today, I'm feeling great, despite still feeling tired from time to time.

They say I'm an official African "M" now that I've had malaria, sort of like a badge of honor. It's no fun to be sick with that stuff but I guess I have a new story to share from my life in Africa.

Praise the Lord, the ultimate Healer, and for faithful prayer warriors!

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